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WHOLESALE OPPORTUNITIES: Real Denim Leggings & Jeggings

Attention buyers of women's real denim leggings and jeggings.

Here is an important message that you should not ignore. We would like to intrduce you to our company Daily Jeans that is the only company today that is offering to you the greatest value that can be found anywhere.

Why? Because we are a vertical company that starts from our farms where we grow our own plants. We take these plants and process them where we spin our own yarns using the very latest technology to make the highest quality real denim fabric in the world to produce our brand

Daily Jeans that offers to you direct from our factories a unique opportunity to be a retailer of the most advanced legging and jegging line made anwhere.

We offer to you the lowest price that allows you to compete and meet the greatest challenges of today's economy. Our highly trained designers develop the best patterns to make the best make and fit using the latest equipment that makes the highest quality fit and finish possible for our latest denim leggings and jeggings designs in the world at the lowest price that can be found.  You can feel very comfortable knowing that you now have joined with a company that makes Daily Jeans one of the best brands to compete anywhere in the world and

we guarantee it. Once you have bought Daily Jeans leggings and jeggings you will begin to understand how good business can be.

For further information please contact the following:, or you can call us directly to our offices in New York at 212 738 9580. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Truly yours,

Dennis Slapo
Daily Jeans New York

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